Brendon Edwards Portrait

About Brendon

Returning to his home country after his early years in Zimbabwe, Edwards' high impact, large-scale works can be seen across South Africa and internationally.

His work is a timeless, visual vibration transformed into an immersive three-dimensional experience. In explaining his work, Edwards communicates there is more than a man-made and natural connection, something that lies much deeper in human existence. This begins with a shape that has played a monumental role in Edwards' work - circles. He states, "The spherical form is the language of our universe, the most inclusive language from the beginning to the end of time. From the tiniest atom to the infinite space of galaxies, all creation is spherical".

The circle is important not just in science but in art and history, it is the language of our DNA and of the Universe. It was considered by Ancient Greeks to have been the most beautiful shape, with its ideally geometric ratio and proportions.

The Philosophy of Creation

The sphere is the language of our DNA. It is the language of nature and the universe. With Pythagoras, the Eternal Monad arises from the primordial circle (or Zero. From the circle or zero, the monad (one) emanates two (the dyad) forms three which gives rise to four (the quaternary) which is the perfect square and the symbolic foundation of the material and phenomenal world.

In a commentary from one of the most Ancient books known to man it states "the circle is not 'one' but the All. Aristotle stated ... "all things seem to be remodeled on numbers, and numbers seemed to be the first things in the whole of nature, they supposed the elements of number to be the elements of all things." The numbers that impressed the pythagoreans the most were those found in musical ratios.

"Edwards presents his work as a way to visually allude to an idea Plato labelled as the "Music of Spheres". This is an ancient philosophical concept which demonstrates that the spatial relationship of the Sun, Moon and planets form a musical scale. The Pythagorean theory states that the distances of the planets from the Sun and the distances between these bodies, are represented by musical intervals of tones and half- tones, etc. Edwards has labelled his genre Muse-spheric as a nod to this philosophical concept but adding emphasis to the idea of art and music.

Further to this scale is the relationship between creation (the atom), colour which is sound, sound which is colour. Colour and sound are both vibrational, as one affects the optic nerves of the eye the other the drum of the ear. Everything in our world vibrates and everything we sense vibrates. Sunlight is broken up into 7 colours, Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. This is known as the solar spectrum and in Music they form the complete musical scale of 7 notes ... a perfect octave.

Even present day mathematicians and philosophers see the circle as ideal, with no weak spots and perfect symmetry. A shape that much like music, suppasses the barriers of humanity, unites and allows people to feel whole. The circle is primitive yet modern, symbolising infinity, completeness, inclusivity, growth, time, life, seasons, planets, man, woman, the universe, right down to our language.

What is ever present in Edwards' spherical work is this underlying idea that music is at the very core of our existence, born from the universe and considered by many intellectuals as the universal language of mankind. It has the ability to cross borders, ethnicities, time, race and religion; uniting humans together through pure emotion. Edwards' studies and understanding of the world, philosophy and artistic language allow him to create. art by taking complicated subjects and representing them in a simple aesthetic form.