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I will hold the hope, I will heed the weight, I won't wander in the grey waste of dread....where the day hunts the weak heart, and midnight haunts the timid soul. I won't let the window of truth be drawn by a curtain of lies.

Hard Hope

The colour is black, the number is zero, time is frozen, the mind is stuck, hope deals the hardest blows....but fear is where our cancer lives and grows.


The wise hidden men have told us once again that the whole wide world is breaking... and just as we begin too see the beauty of it all, it breaks and we crumble with its fall.


I'm often asked about the spherical images and use of circles in my work. I was reading some of Pythagoras's philosophy and I came across this.... "the same laws the govern musical phenomena are to be found in the world and universe in which we live, a cosmic harmony bound by a single rule that is at once mathematical and aesthetic. This is manifest in the music of spheres". Love that.